OMIS (Outgrowers Management Information System)

Warehouse, Collection Centers Outgrowers and Farms, Storing and Management.

It helps to store data and managing the warehouse and collection center daily activity.

OMIS Features

Farmers Registry

This is a digital database of outgrowers which helps the value chain players such as off-takers to co-ordinate outgrowers, keep records of inputs and collections, communicate, etc. The platform enables authenticated value chain stakeholders to capture data such as name, phone number, amount of crop sold, acreages, debts, etc of the farmers who come to the aggregation center to sell their produce, and providing them with digital receipts of the produce sold.


Managing farmers need a lot of co-ordinations and mobilization which makes digital communication tools such as Bulk SMS among others very significant in the platform. Communicating the pricing being offered by the buyers through an SMS to member farmers, organizing meeting, digital receipts are among important tasks enabled by the platform.

Aggregation and Collection Centers Management

The platform manages agricultural inputs and outputs in any industries such as milk, sugar cane and other products. The platform has customized collection forms for each product in order to capture all parameters such as temperature, density, shrinkage,humidity and even rejects for intervention purposes. All collection centers’ features are well captured in the system; capacity, geo-location, attendants, etc.

Digital Payments

The ease of paying a large number of farmers with few clicks is another important tool. Payers are now able to keep track of all transaction from what was collected and what was paid for individual outgrower. Bulk Payment which is integrated with Banks and Mobile Money Wallets is enabling cashless transactions which is hugely facilitating the financial inclusiveness and bankability of otherwise un-bankable farmers.

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